Research on Nature Connectedness & Outdoor Education

The Baseline Survey of Hong Kong Children Nature Connectedness

This is the first baseline survey conducted in Hong Kong on the "nature connectedness" of local children aged 8 to 12. The survey results will be compared with similar studies conducted elsewhere and with other relevant research on children's well-being in Hong Kong to understand the impact of nature connectedness on the well-being of Hong Kong children. The findings will serve as a reference and evidence for future studies and Hong Kong education policies reform.

Further details will be announced later.

The Baseline Empirical Survey of the Outdoor Environmental Education in Primary Schools

This survey targets primary school teachers and administrators in Hong Kong. The aim of the survey is to collect data on the utilization of outdoor environmental education in primary schools, as well as to understand the perceptions of teachers and administrators on nature connectedness and outdoor education. The survey results will help evaluate the current situation of outdoor environmental education in Hong Kong primary schools and reduce the difficulties encountered by schools in preparing for outdoor education activities.

Further details will be announced later.