Many studies have shown that enhancing the connectedness with nature can improve the physical and mental well-being, as well as the pro-environmental awareness. Therefore, we have designated the months of October to December in 2023 and 2024 as "Hong Kong Outdoor Education Months”. During this period, we aim to encourage more schools, organizations and the general public to engage in various outdoor education activities and experience Hong Kong's precious forest and marine ecosystems, and the biodiversity in different ways. We will also offer public activities during this period, allowing everyone to enjoy the pleasures of nature and be one with nature.

Outdoor Education Months Map

To promote the implementation and development of outdoor education in Hong Kong, we need more empirical data to demonstrate and evaluate the current outdoor environmental education. Therefore, we have created the Outdoor Education Months Map specifically for this purpose. We hope to collect basic information of outdoor education activities conducted by schools in Hong Kong from October to December 2023. This will serve as the first baseline data in relevant aspects of Hong Kong, enabling us to further study and provide accurate recommendations for the development and enhancement of outdoor education in Hong Kong.

We sincerely invite teachers from all types of schools (including kindergartens/nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions) to provide information. After providing basic data and the location of the activities, we will mark the footprints on the map to share the outdoor activities of your school with the public. You can also use the map to find like-minded partners and exchange the joy of outdoor activities.

Join the Outdoor Education Months Map now and let our footprints cover the entire Hong Kong, showcasing our passion for outdoor environmental education!

To thank the school for the support, we will send an e-certificate of appreciation after submitting the information! We cordially invite the school to share the e-certificate of appreciation and the news of participating in Outdoor Education Months on the school website, showcasing the fruitful results of proactive implementation of outdoor education to parents and the public.

Please refer to the document (download PDF) for more information on the Map and Outdoor Education Achievement Commendation.

If you need to input 3 or more activities at once, please download the Excel form, fill it out and return to

Public Event Series 2023

We collaborated with various professional organizations and individuals to organize public events. We aimed to provide participants with opportunities to appreciate different forest and coastal wildlife through activities such as photography, art and nature exploration games. By immersing in nature, we hoped that participants could find moments of tranquility amid the busy lives.

Wildlife Photography Workshop

Under the guidance of wildlife photographers, participants will use cameras and binoculars to appreciate the beauty of Hong Kong's nature.

October 1st 2023| Lions Nature Education Centre | Ages 15 and above
Activity provided by: Frigatefilms

Animal Carnival - Music and Seed Painting on Large Paper

Children dressed in animal costumes, along with young-at-heart adults, will explore the park, search for seeds, and engage in animal-themed painting accompanied by enchanting music.

October 14th 2023 | Victoria Park | Parent-child
Activity provided by: Aura Music, Children's book writer & illustrator Maoshan Connie (貓珊)

Parent-Child Nature Game Day

Through nature games and sensory exploration activities, participants will learn three stress-reducing techniques "slow down, be still and appreciate" while experiencing the healing power of the forest.

October 15th 2023 | Shing Mun Country Park | Parent-child
Activity provided by: Nature Bathing遊沐

Forest Exploration Go

Using nature games and art creation, this activity aims to stimulate young children's interest in forest flora and fauna.

October 21st 2023 | Lions Nature Education Centre | Parent-child
Activity provided by: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong

Forest Study Tour

Participants will explore Hong Kong's forests, play games, and learn about the local flora and fauna in their natural habitats.

October 22nd 2023 | Pok Fu Lam Country Park | Parent-child
Activity provided by: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong

Urban Tree Sketching Journey

Through sketching, participants will discover hidden ancient trees and plants in the bustling city.

October 28th 2023 | Choi Hung Road Playground | Ages 15 and above
Activity provided by: Author and Artist Human Ip (葉曉文)

Beach Yoga and Mindfulness

Practicing yoga and mindfulness in the embrace of nature to promote physical and mental well-being.

October 29th 2023 | Big Wave Bay Beach | Ages 18 to 40
Activity provided by: Yoga Coach Lily Lam

Forest Bird Watching Tour

Using binoculars, participants will observe migratory birds such as the Daurian Redstart and the Grey-backed Thrush. If lucky, they may even encounter woodpeckers!

November 4th 2023 | Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve | Ages 12 and above
Activity provided by: Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong

Coastal Ecology and Art Workshop

Experience the art of sand painting on beautiful beaches and explore the wonderful nature.

November 5th 2023 | Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island | Ages 15 and above
Activity provided by: Art Together 藝術到家, Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong

Healing Power of Nature - Forest Bathing Experience

Following a certified guide, participants will experience the Japanese practice of "forest bathing" in Clearwater Bay Country Park. Slow down, engage their senses, and experience the healing power of nature.

November 11th 2023 | Clearwater Bay Country Park | Ages 18 and above
Activity provided by: Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong香港 · 森林浴