Project introduction

As the world's environmental problems, such as climate change intensify, the threat to human society is becoming increasingly serious. Coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic that is raging globally, it has left varying degrees of physical and mental impacts on school children. However, contact with nature and sustainable environmental education can have great benefits for physical and mental healing. Therefore, this project will carry out the first baseline survey of Hong Kong school children's nature connectedness and outdoor environmental education in Hong Kong primary schools. We will also provide a series of outdoor activities, online advocacy, and organize the Hong Kong first conference on the theme of nature connectedness and outdoor environmental education, allowing different stakeholders in society to enjoy the fun of nature, to improve the well-being of Hong Kong citizens, especially school children.

Project objectives

  • To investigate how children in Hong Kong are connected to nature, and serve as baseline evidence for achieving sustainability, education reform and promote social well-being and recovery from pandemic.
  • To study the utilization of outdoor education in primary school and serve as the baseline evidence for advancing education policies in Hong Kong.
  • To provide outdoor education opportunities for children and demonstrate the effectively education approaches for nurturing nature connectedness.
  • To promote and advocate outdoor environmental education as a whole from different levels and aspects, including government policy, academia, school and curriculum, corporate and general public.